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The Covenanter Encyclopaedia

The Covenanter Encyclopaedia

Author: Dane Love
Price: £20
ISBN: 9781905769629
290 pages

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This is the most comprehensive book ever published on the Covenanters, written by one of the leading authorities in the field. As well as detailed accounts of the origins and history of the Covenanting movement it has entries on every village, town and city associated with the Covenanters. There are mini-biographies of the leading players, including Peden the Prophet, Richard Cameron, Donald Cargill, Jenny Geddes, John Brown of Priesthill, the Wigtown Martyrs, Archbishop Sharp and John Graham of Claverhouse. The many conflicts that erupted during these turbulent times are also well-represented, most notably the notorious Killing Times, and also decisive battles such as those at Bothwell Bridge, Dunbar and Drumclog. The appendices include many of the names of the brave souls who were martyred for the Covenanting clause. The book, which is published in quality hardback format, is lavishly illustrated with around eighty paintings, lithographs and photographs, many in colour.