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It All Kicked Off in Bristol

It All Kicked Off in Bristol

Author: Paul Lumber
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ISBN: 9781905769568
232 pages

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The City Service Firm lived and breathed football violence. Founded during a meeting in Ashton park in the 1980s, it quickly became one of the most-feared mobs in the country. In this compelling new book, the first ever on the CSF, there are accounts of bloody encounters with other notorious firms, including the Chelsea Headhunters, Millwall's Bushwhackers, Cardiff City's Soul Crew and Birmingham City's Zulu Warriors. While an off with like-minded individuals from around the the country was strictly business, a fight with the Gasheads of Bristol Rovers was deeply personal. The hatred between red and blue has deep roots and seems to intensify with each passing year. 

This a dark and sometimes brutal book. It is a book that anyone with an interest in football and the casual culture will want to read. Above all, it is an honest piece of work, stripped of artifice and exaggeration. It is the truth.

Paul Lumber, a founding member of the CSF, was a dedicated hooligan for more than twenty-five years. As he freely admits, football violence was an addiction, taking him down many dark and dangerous roads. He paid a heavy price for that addiction, clocking-up a string of convictions and doing time in some of the hardest nicks in the land. Lumber was the first man in the south-west to be served with a football-banning order and he was also banned from Ashton Gate for life.