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Edinburgh: 10 Walks in the Historic Old Town

Edinburgh: 10 Walks in the Historic Old Town

Author: Euan MacInnes
Price: £12.99
ISBN: 9781905769582
224 pages

29 November 2018
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With the majestic Royal Mile as its spine, the Old Town is the historic heart of Edinburgh . . . and of Scotland. It is the stage upon which the nation's most-important events have played out: bloody battles and sieges, bitter religious conflicts, huge political upheavals, notorious executions. The Old Town is also a major cultural centre, home to Scotlands most important institutions, including the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh castle, Holyrood palace, the National Museum of Scotland and the senior law courts. As one might expect the great names from the pages of Scottish history have been central to the Old Towns often turbulent past, among them Mary, Queen of Scots, John Knox, James VI, the Marquis of Montrose, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Sir Walter Scott, David Hume and Adam Smith. Let us not forget the less-savoury characters, the robbers, murderers and thieves, ne'er-do-wells like Burke and Hare, Deacon Brodie and George Bryce. 

If the history was not enough, the Old Town is in addition an architectural wonder. The medieval closes, wynds and courts that run off the Royal Mile are a delight and who can argue with Robert Louis Stevenson's description of it as 'This profusion of eccentricities, this dream in masonry and living rock.' It is therefore hardly a surprise that the Old Town was designated a World Heritage Site in 1995, with UNESCO describing it as of 'outstanding value  to humanity'.

This book highlights not only the many world-famous attractions but also many lesser-known but equally fascinating places. It will delight everyone with an interest in the history of this great city.

* Full colour throughout

* Easy-to-follow maps

* 250+ photos and illustrations

* Detailed descriptions of historic streets and buildings

* Hundreds of fascinating historical anecdotes

* Special supplements on Edinburgh castle and Holyrood palace

* Printed on the highest-quality art paper