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Ayr: The Way We Were

Ayr: The Way We Were

Author: Dane Love
Price: £12.99
ISBN: 978-1-905769-01-8
224 pp illustrated

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This fascinating book has hundreds of true stories for the years from 1900 to 2006. They include Buffalo Bill, Ayr VC, Willie Ross, local jockey wins the Grand National, meet the King of Hollywood, Doonfoot's great escape, Oscar Slater loved Ayr and his Ecrepont bungalow, The Auld Toon and Old Blue Eyes, the three Ayr Academy teammates who became superstars, We love you Ike, Moira Anderson, the Mod comes south, Nigel Angus's finest hour, Gaiety nudes, accused of witchcraft . . . in 1983, Andrew Cameron double murderer, the Ayr man who became Dr Finlay, the famous visitors to Joe's Coffe Stall, tragedy at the Piv, Scotland's wedding of the year, jailed Scots Guard was casualty of war, the Madonna of the MacLaurin, a fond farewell for Ally, blaze at the Bobby's, Karen Dunbar Ayr's Queen of Comedy, The MacDonald brothers and X Factor. And much more. The book also has 16 pages of stunning photographs, many of them in colour.