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Haunted Glasgow

Haunted Glasgow

Author: Ron Halliday
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ISBN: 978-1-905769-09-7
192 pp

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"The Real X-Files man. Scotland's answer to spooky Mulder" Evening Times

"Scotland's leading paranormal investigator" Daily Record

"Ron Halliday is an expert on the supernatural" Daily Mail

The sensational new book from Scotland's master of the supernatural. Halliday, a regular contributor to radio and television, including BBC Television's Newsnight (where he was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman) believes that Glasgow is Scotland's most mystic city. He has specialist knowledge of the scene in Glasgow: he was an Evening Times columnist on this subject for many years and has used his files to provide the reader with a unique insight into the spirits that have haunted the city for centuries. There are chapters on mystic people, poltergeists, witches, UFOs, weird stories and hauntings. We meet St Kentigern, the city's founder, who had amazing paranormal powers, John Fagan, brought back from the dead by saintly intercession, 'Jonathon', the most evil poltergeist Halliday has ever encountered, the helpless victims of spontaneous combustion and many more amazing characters. We also discover the motivation behind Glasgow's many occult murders, cases that shocked the city with their apparent senselessness and they include Halliday's unique perspective oon the infamous Bible John murders.