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Magic Moments

Magic Moments

Author: Tom Duncan
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 0-9544461-8-6
192 pp

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With warmth and wit Duncan describes life on his 700-acre hill farm in one of the remotest parts of south-west Scotland. Although he was a working farmer for decades the book is based on the Tom Duncan column in the Sunday Post, a perennial favourite of both farmers and townies alike.It is a hard way to make a living but he is helped in his endeavours by Cha and Big Tam, two unforgettable characters. Duncan's love of the land and his animal shines through on every page and he covers an impressive amount of ground: the problems of straying sheep; how to avoid sales reps and 'tar boys'; why you should never trust a bull; getting a good price at market; fun at the farm shows; the never-ending financial problems; his favourite sheepdog; harvest hostilities; and much, much more. As the author acknowledges: 'I farm for the way of life rather than the money'.

"Tom's farm is full of magic moments"
Sunday Post

"A hill farmer's life and how to tell it"
The Scotsman

"A must read . . . unique"
Farmers Guardian

"Genuinely moving"
The Herald

"This entertaining narrative, which skips along like a newborn lamb in spring"
The Scots Magazine

"Full of humorous stories and anecdotes"
Farming Life