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Celtic's Paranoia . . . All in the Mind?

Celtic's Paranoia . . . All in the Mind?

Author: Tom Campbell
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9781905769322
288 pp paperback

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First published in 2001 and reprinted twice, a second edition appeared in 2004. The second edition was also a Scottish bestseller and reprinted three times. Now Tom Campbell - recognised as the Celtic historian par excellence - has updated the book for 2012. It is no less hard hitting and thought provoking as he delves into the recent furore surrounding Neil Lennon, in his role as manager, and recent spats between Celtic Football Club, referees and the SFA. Previous controversies are analysed and brilliantly dissected: the forced closure of Celtic Park . . . after trouble at Ibrox; the sensational Cox-Tully affair and the birth of Celtic's 'paranoia'; the Eire flag debacle that nearly led to Celtic being expelled from Scottish football; the discrimination and abuse heaped on Celtic players representing Scotland; Celtic's portrayal in the media; the consequences of Aiden McGeady's decision to pledge himself to the Republic of Ireland; the leaning of so many referees to Rangers; the unfair treatment of Roman Catholic referees. And in his concluding chapter Campbell ends with a plea to the rest of Scottish football . . . and to Celtic fans.

"Tom Campbell's wonderful book . . . the author doles out marvellous abuse across the quagmire of Scottish football"
Graham Spiers

"A thoroughly impressive piece of work"
The Absolute Game

"Compelling . . . it is always immensely readable and surprisingly humourous"
Not the View

"A good read . . . a must for the library of any self-respecting Celt"
The Celt

"I honestly couldn't stop reading this book"
E Tims

"A thorough investigation of the commonly held view that many Celtic fans have been afflicted with a terminal dose of paranoia"
Bill Murray, renowned Old Firm historian