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Walking Down the Manny Road

Walking Down the Manny Road

Author: Doug Mitchell
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9781905769247
224 pp plus 16 pp colour section

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The inside story of how gangs from across Bolton came together to form the notorious Cuckoo Boys, becoming in the process one of England's most-feared football hooligan firms. The bloody clashes with traditional Lancashire rivals are the stuff of legend. The Cuckoo Boys have been going at it it for many years with mobs from Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Oldham, Preston and Wigan. And then there are the epic run-ins with their most formidable local opponents: Manchester United and the Scousers. The Cuckoo Boys also exported their brand of violence to othe parts of England and to the Continent, enhancing their already fearsome reputation for taking on anyone who got in their way. This is a dark, violent and uncomporomising book, but there are also many flashes of humour, along with fascinating insights into the hooligan culture that has dominated English football for decades.

"Some of the most violent football hooligans in Britain"
Daily Mail

"A notorious group of soccer thugs"
Bolton Evening News