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Rangers and the Famous ICF

Rangers and the Famous ICF

Author: Sandy Chugg
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9781905769285
224 pp plus 16-pp colour section

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Sandy Chugg, the former leader of the feared Inter City Firm, has had an incredible three life bans from Ibrox. Born and raised in the tough east end of Glasgow he became a member of one of the city's notorious street gangs before graduating to the Rangers Soccer Babes and then to the ICF. Chugg takes us to the beating heart of the ICF and as it rampages from one battle to another we meet figures who have become legends in the uncompromising world of football violence.

This is the most detailed account yet written about any Scottish mob, with new material on almost every page, including memorable episodes from the author's own life. The book also reveals the untold story of the Scottish National Firm, which took hooliganism to new heights at home and abroad.

Invariably violent, often brutal, frequently funny, sometimes moving, but always compelling.

"Leader of the feared Inter City Firm"
The Sun