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Rangers: Triumphs, Troubles, Traditions

Rangers: Triumphs, Troubles, Traditions

Author: Ronnie Esplin (ed) and Graham Walker (ed)
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264 paperback

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Esplin and Walker's first book on the club, It's Rangers for Me?, published in 2007, was one of the most controversial and high profile of the year. Featured on BBC Television's Newsnight the book was also the subject of a major serialisation in The Times. A Herald Scottish best-seller Its Rangers for Me? made headline news in almost every newspaper in Scotland thanks to its frank discussion of sectarianism, bigotry and the place of Rangers in Scottish society. Rangers: Triumphs, Troubles, Traditions is no less hard hitting. It begins with a detailed analysis of what happened in Manchester before, during and after the 2008 UEFA Cup final in 2008 and illustrates how the negative perceptions of the club and its fans (which are wholly unwarranted) coloured what was written about that fateful day. There is also a discussion of the most controversial issues that surround the club including the 'Famine Song'. Another section has fascinating accounts from those who worked and played at Ibrox, including Craig Paterson, Campbell Ogilvie and Alex Totten. A third section looks at the experiences of Rangers fans, including those of the most unlikely RSC of them all: the Dublin Loyal. There is also the most-detaile account yet written of Rangers legend Sam English and his tragic life.