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It's Rangers For Me?

It's Rangers For Me?

Author: Ronnie Esplin and Graham Walker
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 978-1-905769-10-0

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There are relatively few serious books on Rangers, one of the most-important institutions in Scotland and a club with a worldwide following. This is surprising given the upsurge in academic studies of sport-related subjects. This book seeks to fill that gap and the twenty contributors cover a wide range of issues, many of which have proved controversial. These include Rangers and the current debate on sectarianism, the club's links with the Orange Order, the recent UEFA action against Rangers, the songs and chants favoured by Rangers supporters, the club's traditions and its unique place in modern Scottish society. The book also questions many of the views expressed in the recent Celtic Minded books which, it is suggested, are not only simplistic and poorly argued but also perpetuate the victimhood mindset adopted by so many Celtic followers. There are also many moving pieces in which the contributors describe how they came to support the club and why it still means so much to them despite the often unfair criticism it has attracted in recent years. It is a timely, thought-provoking and, above-all, honest book.

The distinguished list of contributors (all from a Rangers-supporting background) include MSPs, clergymen, intellectuals, writers, actors, academics, journalists and former Old Firm players.

"The controversial new book that everyone's talking about"
Sunday Times

"A controversial new book"
Scotland on Sunday

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The Times

"It has placed the chief executive of the SFA at the centre of controversy"
The Herald

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Daily Record

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