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Tens a Crowd: Part 1

Tens a Crowd: Part 1

Author: Cliff McCabe
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 1905769490
192 pages

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Part one of Cliff McCabes compelling series of novels about the McCallister family. With mum, dad and eight kids to feed and clothe life for the McCallister family in the Glasgow of the 1970s was never going to be easy. They were always short of money, lived in overcrowded conditions and had to rely on third-hand furniture and an outside toilet in the close. But despite their lack of material possessions it was a happy home, full of love and laughter, although, inevitably, there were some darker moments. Based loosely on McCabes own childhood in Cessnock, in the south side of Glasgow, the series has become a huge hit with readers thanks to its real Glasgow humour.

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