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Kicking the Habit

Kicking the Habit

Author: Jason Marriner
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 978-1905769476
Paperback: 200 pages

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24 Aug. 2015

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“I have known Jason for decades. He is well-respected by myself and all the chaps. He does his bird like a man. I can honestly say he does his bird like a man.” Freddie Foreman


For the first time Marriner tells the full story of his involvement at the top end of the football-violence scene. He was a Category-C hooligan, the name at the very top of the lists compiled by the Old Bill’s football-intelligence units.

No one has done more bird for hooliganism, no one has had longer football bans. Forget the keyboard warriors, Marriner is the real deal. This is a man who ate slept and breathed football violence for more than twenty years. Even after a long prison sentence and a ten-year banning order, he was drawn back to the scene, like a moth to a flame. The occasion was the infamous battle with Cardiff City on the streets of west London. As Marriner writes, “The Soul Crew had come for an altercation and the Headhunters had obliged them.”


·       Battles with Spurs, West Ham, Millwall and Arsenal

·       The legendary ‘Hate Bus’, which set out to ambush Man Utd before the FA Cup final

·       The bitter and extremely violent off with Celtic fans

·       Rampaging across Europe with England

·       Destruction in Dublin, when an international match had to be abandoned

·       The full, shocking story of the notorious (and wildly misleading) BBC television documentary that led to Marriner being unfairly sent down for six years

·       Meet the Headhunters legends, men like Andy ‘Nightmare’ Frain and Steve ‘Hickey’ Hickmott

Didn't want to like it being a Spurs fan, but ending up thinking it was one of the best in this genre that I've read.